Detailed Car Specs

Drivers of THOR

Year Driver Race
2019 Guðmundur Elíasson Skien, Norway
Þór Þormar Pálsson Hella | Hønefoss | Akureyri | Blönduós | Akranes | Akureyri
Atli Jamil Hønefoss, Norway
2018 Þór Þormar Pálsson Whole Season
2017 Þór Þormar Pálsson Whole Season
2016 Snorri Þór Árnason Whole Season
2015 Snorri Þór Árnason Hella | Stapafell | Egilsstaðir | Blönduós
Árni Steindór Sveinsson Akureyri
2014 Snorri Þór Árnason Whole Season
2013 Snorri Þór Árnason Whole Season
2012 Jón Örn Ingileifsson
2011 Dagbjartur Jónsson
2010 Jón Örn Ingileifsson
2009 Jón Örn Ingileifsson
2004 Haraldur Pétursson Whole Season
2003 Haraldur Pétursson Whole Season
2002 Haraldur Pétursson Whole Season
2001 Haraldur Pétursson Whole Season

Detailed description of THOR

The Car
Name Tag Name THOR
Owner Current Owner Þór Þormar Pálsson
Year Built Year Built 1998 - 1999
Weight Weight 1190 kg (2624 lbs)
Wheelbase Wheelbase 2750 mm (108 in)
Track Width 2 Track Width Front: 2300 mm (91 in)
Rear: 2260 mm (89 in)
Rollcage Frame Tubular frame made from 48 x 2,6 mm E355-N tubes and 48 x 4
Invert 5 Type of Engine LSX 427
Engine Block Block RHS Aluminium Tall-Deck Race Block
Piston Pistons Dimond Custom Pistons 4,125" bore 13,5 compression
Cylinder head Cylinder Heads All Pro LSW 12-4 Hurricane
Intake Manifold Intake Manifold Frankenstein billet aluminium LS7
Camshaft Camshaft Comp Cams
Crankshaft Crankshaft Callies Magnum 4" stroke
Connecting Rods Connecting Rods CalliesUltra
Injection System Injection System Holley Terminator X Max
Engine Builder Engine Builder Nelson Racing Engines and Borowski Race Engines
turbo&nos Turbo/NOS 150 - 300 hp NOS
MAX boost Max Boost 300 hp
Intercooler Intercooler N/A
Horsepower Horsepower 810 hp@7800 RPM
RPM Max RPM 8400 RPM
torque Torque 635 ft/lbs@6200 RPM
iconfinder_fuel_103260 Fuel C16
Auto Transmission Type of Transmission Powerglide FTI Pro5 1500hp
Input Shaft Input Shaft Vasco
Clutch Drum Clutch Drum 8 clutch
Converter Stall on Converter 5000 RPM stall
Gears trans Gears 2 Gears
Transfer Case
Transfer CAse Type of Transfer Case Ljonstadir Special
Axles Front Axle Rear Axle
Invert 8 Housing 9" Ford 9" Ford
Steering Knuckle Knuckles Custom Made N/A
Turn Ratio Turn Ratio 55° N/A
CV Joints Joints MAN N/A
81-512 Axles MAN 35 Spline chromoly
Differential Differential Ratio 4.55 4.88
Case Case Aluminum Case Aluminum Case
Differential Lock Differential Lock Spool Spool
shocks-motorcycle-part-transport-vehicle-512 Type of Suspension FOX 2" x 10"
Spyrnur Trailing Arm 4-Link
Invert 3 Tire Size 32" x 16 -15"
Tire Type Type of Tire Bigger Digger /Super Scooper
Wheel Wheel Size 15" x 14"
Wheel Type of Wheel Weld / Reel
Brake Caliper Brake Caliper Wilwood
Brake Pads Brake Pads Wilwood
Brake Disc Brake Discs Suzuki Vitara


Previous Owners

1999 – 2008 | Haraldur Pétursson [Musso]
2008 – 2010 | Jón Örn Ingileifsson [Choir Boy]
2010 – 2012 | Dagbjartur Jónsson [The Saint]
2012 – 2013 | Róbert Agnarsson
2013 – 2016 | Snorri Þór Árnason [Choir Boy]
2017 – today | Þór Þormar Pálsson [THOR]

Titles Won
Icelandic Champion
NEZ Champion
USA Champion

Haraldur Péturson among his trusted team began building the car in November 1998. Davíð Ólafsson was the one that designed and drew up the roll cage. The process didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. It took them a few tries to get the cage like they wanted to have it but at the end they were satisfied. 

At that time this build was considered revolutionary and different from the other Formula Offroad vehicles. First of all the car would be 900 kg (1984 lbs) or 600 – 700 kg (1323 – 1543 lbs) lighter than their opponents.

They put a V6 Nascar race engine that gave them 425 hp @ 6000 RPM without any NOS. Former crew member Benedikt Eiríksson was the one that took care of the engine. That engine was 100 kg (220 lbs) lighter than lightest engines in the league.

The suspension is made of home-made struts that Davíð built with the help of Renniverkstæði Exa, and had the travel of 30 cm (12″). The vehicle had also an independent front suspension system. With the IFS the kicks would be softer and smoother.

In 2008 Jón Örn Ingileifsson bought the car from Haraldur.  While the car was in his possession, Jón Örn changed the name from “Musso” to “Choir Boy” and replaced the V6 engine with 377Chevy V8 and removed the home-made struts and put 12″ FOX shocks underneath it. 

Snorri bought the car without the 377 Chevy engine only a month before the first race of that season. He and his team tore everything apart, painted then put the car back together to attend the first round. In his possession the car had LS3 GM 427 7L engine. Snorri also upgraded the brake system.

Þór Þormar Pálsson

Name Þór Þormar Pálsson
First Race 1995 on Pizza 67
Cars raced
1995 Pizza 67
1996 - 1997 Fríða Grace
2013 Heimasætan
2014 - 2016 Hlébarðinn / Spiderman / Mjölnir
2017 - Currently THOR

Þór Þormar and his father went to Formula Off Road competitions together so the interest has been there for many years. First he had a normal every-day jeep but buys a Street Legal car from Hafliði Guðjóns, probably the last manual Formula Off Road car. After that he bought the frame of Fríða Grace, prepared the car for a race in 1995, he competed for the next 1-2 years on that car. Still he lacked money and experience  so this whole thing would work as it should so he and Elmar Jón Guðmundsson bought Heimasætan together. Þór and Elmar both competed on Heimasætan for few year and all was well, but then Þór borrows Hlébarðinn from Eyjólfi Skúla, which later on he bought for his own and goes by the name Mjölnir.

Guðmundur Elíasson

Name Guðmundur Elíasson
First Race Hella 2018 on Rodeo
Cars raced
2019 THOR
2018 - Currently Rodeo

Guðmundur has been competing in Rallycross since he was 15 years old. Elías (his father) got him a Honda to race in and in that first race he won. The fuel runs deep in his veins seeing as he hasn’t stopped racing since then. He has been competing in Rallycross where he battles for the 1st place each and every time he sits behind the wheel. Today he still races in Rallycross in the 2000cc class on a “Bonda”. BMW body with Honda engine.

Guðmundur had never really watched Icelandic Formula Offroad until his father competed in 2017. After a great season Elías unfortunately injured himself and wasn’t able to race in the 2018 season so he handed Guðmundur the gloves and put him under the wheel to try and tame the 800HP machine.  Fortunately for Guðmundur he had just gotten his driver’s license and was therefore had become of age to race in Formula Offroad.

In 2019 Guðmundur borrowed the Icelandic Champion car “THOR” for a race in Skien, Norway in September that year. Guðmundur managed to get the 1st place on the first day of the race and 4th on the second day! Great achievement for him! 

Snorri Þór Árnason

Name Snorri Þór Árnason
First Race Vestmannaeyjar 2013 on "Choir Boy"
Cars raced
2013 - 2016 Choir Boy

Snorri Þór Árnason has been interested in Formula Offroad ever since he was a little boy. His father, Árni Steindór Sveinsson was on Haraldur’s service team back in the day. 

He bought the car from Róbert Agnarsson (who never raced on it) in 2013.  He competed on the car from 2013 – 2016 and won the Icelandic Championship all the years he competed. To gather all titles under his belt he raced in the 2016 NEZ Cup in Skien Norway and won his first NEZ Champion title!  He also competed in the first Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA in 2016 where he was crowned the USA Champ in Formula Offroad! 

He was also chosen ad “Driver of the Year” in 2015

After the 2016 season he sold the car to Þór Þormar Pálsson

Since departing from Formula Offroad, Snorri has tried out Drifting on his Supra with LS6 Turbo, he competed in the first eRally in Iceland and was the first Icelander to participate in the Southern Rock Racing Series where he drove the car “Warfare” in Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park in Dyersburg, Tennessee. (Where the USA race is held)

Dagbjartur Jónsson

Name Dagbjartur Jónsson
First Race Stapafell 2011 on "The Saint"
Cars raced
2011 - 2012 The Saint

Jón Örn Ingileifsson

Name Jón Örn Ingileifsson
First Race Hella 2008 on "Choir Boy"
Cars raced
2008 - 2010 Choir Boy

Jón Örn Ingileifsson began his Formula Offroad career in 2008 when he bought “Musso” or as he named the car “Choir Boy”. He had bought the car the evening before the first race of the 2008 season. He got it around dinnertime then raced it on Hella the very following day! 

 His interest in the sport was planted long time ago, for he grew up amongst the roaring cars and in the midst of talented drivers, seeing as his uncle is no other than multi – Icelandic Champion, Gísli G Jónsson

He did, however, make a huge name for himself as his Formula Offroad career took off. He drove that car for 3 years with great success. He won the NEZ Cup in 2009 and the Icelandic Championship in 2010.  He was also chosen as “Driver of the Year” in 2010.

Haraldur Pétursson

Name Haraldur Pétursson
First Race 1994
Cars raced
1999 - 2004 Musso

Haraldur started racing back in 1994 on the car “Kjörísbíllinn”

“Driver of the Year” in 2002