Katla Turbo; Happy New Year (video)

12771839_1286018451424637_7868948795380563417_oThe season of 2016 has finished and now the year is coming to an end. This year has been quite eventful for the members of Volcano Racing.  They started by stripping Katla Turbo down to her steel bars and remake her whole figure. They changed the colour of the chassis from black to light grey like it was originally in 2012, rebuild the body to make it more Bronco like, changed the front part of the chassis to lighten the car by many kilograms. They started putting the pieces back together one by one with one this on their mind. To make Katla Turbo lighter than ever.

They got to meet the genius that build the engine, Tom Nelson himself. He came to Iceland to help the team tune the engine as it should be to get all 1640 HP running wild within the machine. For days they worked with Tom and his partner Dave who build the amazing car Maximuswhich was a dream coming true.

14124452_1444677045558776_8047538032124932765_oThey had the honour of taking part in a series that featured a handful of Nelson Racing Engines all over the world and was it quite the adventure. They travelled, along with a film crew, all over Iceland to shoot the series.

Unfortunately Katla Turbo didn’t make much appearance in the Icelandic Championship of 2016 because they were determined to have everything 100% before putting the car to the test and were they set on competing in the first Icelandic Formula Off-Road competition in the United States which took part last October.

15440526_1578377298855416_7760679525184788401_oThe team travelled to the other continent to follow the driver and the car to one of the biggest adventure of all time. In the hills of Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park in Tennessee Katla roared with power when she and the driver, Guðbjörn, rushed up to the sky with every wheel turning solid ground into dust, flying over the top edge of the steep hills. Adrenaline pumping through their veins and a smile on every member of Volcano Racing.

It is safe to say that the team will go into a new year with hearts full of hopes for 2017. A New Year. A New Hope and new dreams being born.