Hella 2018: Car preperations

With the season starting in couple of weeks each and every team is putting on these final touches to complete their cars for the Sindra Icelandic Formula Offroad competition in Hella!

Guttinn Reborn is following the trend and putting on the Super Duper turns on the car. They’ve been working on them for some time now to get the perfect degree for the turns and making sure that they hold and won’t break in the first turn in the first track. They are designing a brand new swivel ball made out of two RCV ball joints to get the tire angle to the right degree.

Jamil Racing [Thunderbolt] took their time last week to go outside and play around on the car. When I say play around I mean they were testing and tuning. They had put the car together slowly but surely and really took their time to make everything as it should. The car is working well, however they aren’t completely ready. They still have to fine tune the car and we’ll see them all ready in Hella!

Team Kölski are working hard night and day to get their Street Legal vehicle race ready! With the new rules in the class the cars may have Nitrous Oxide in their cars this year so they have been adding that to the car, otherwise they are just blowing the dust off their parts and go full throttle in the hills of Hella, no doubt.

Team EVA have been real busy these last months modifying the whole car. He made quite the impression last time we saw him but this changes are major! They are changing the rollcage, replacing their transmission with powerglide and much more.

January 2018 Draumurinn announced that they got a new partner in theyr team. Nitrous Express will be sponsoring a brand new 2 stage nitrous system to the car which provides Gestur with EXTRA 800HP TO PLAY WITH! Imagine the power!! We can’t wait to see him try and control that beast!

Green Thunder is straightening out their rear axle housing along with checking up on their transmission. They are surely going to be a contender on Hella after they test and tune. They still have to fix a leak that’s coming from the steering and they need to find a new rotor, but don’t you worry! They will be with us on Hella May 12th.

Stay tuned for more to come! 😉 All the teams are hard at work putting things together for the race! More info about the race can be found right here on IcelandicFormulaOffroad.com/Events