America VS Iceland

With only few days until the grand competition, drivers from other 4×4 Motorsports have been contacting us and are eager to drive along with the Icelandic contestants. On that list we have;

Travis Lovett - Hitman
Travis Lovett – Hitman

Rock Bouncer Travis Lovett – Hitman

Engine: 408 stroker LS motor
HorsePower: 650 hp
Transmission: 350
Transfercase: 205
Axles: .14 Bolt 513 gears.
Suspensions: Radflow shock

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John Campbell - Big John
John Campbell – Big John

Rock Bouncer John Campbell – Big John

Engine: 6.0 LS
Horsepower: 500
Transmission: 400
Transfercase: SCS
Axles: Front; 14 Bolt — Rear:RCV
Tires: 43 tsl stickys on raceline


David Wheeler

Custom Made David Wheeler – Unknown

Name: David Wheeler
Chassis: Old Power Pro Frame
Engine: 385 Chevy
Horsepower: 650
NOS: 200 – 250


Nick Cooper - Anger Management

Rock Bouncer Nick Cooper – Anger Management

Engine: Mast Motorsports LS3 6.2L TURBO
Horsepower: 550 horsepower
Suspension: Radflo
Tires: TrailWorthyFab Wheels
Transfercase: HERO
Axles: All ouverson axle shafts and steering knuckles 14 bolt center sections front and rear.

2 thoughts on “America VS Iceland”

  1. So how did the bouncer crew like it? They gonna up their game and come back when you guys do next year??? Hint Hint, nudge nudge.

  2. The bouncers did their best to keep up with the Icelandic drivers, unfortunately they started to drop out one by one as the competition went on. We want to come back next year and we will do our best to return to Bikini Bottoms for another round 😉

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