America VS Iceland

With only few days until the grand competition, drivers from other 4×4 Motorsports have been contacting us and are eager to drive along with the Icelandic contestants. On that list we have;

Travis Lovett - Hitman
Travis Lovett – Hitman

Rock Bouncer Travis Lovett – Hitman

Engine: 408 stroker LS motor
HorsePower: 650 hp
Transmission: 350
Transfercase: 205
Axles: .14 Bolt 513 gears.
Suspensions: Radflow shock

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John Campbell - Big John
John Campbell – Big John

Rock Bouncer John Campbell – Big John

Engine: 6.0 LS
Horsepower: 500
Transmission: 400
Transfercase: SCS
Axles: Front; 14 Bolt — Rear:RCV
Tires: 43 tsl stickys on raceline


David Wheeler

Custom Made David Wheeler – Unknown

Name: David Wheeler
Chassis: Old Power Pro Frame
Engine: 385 Chevy
Horsepower: 650
NOS: 200 – 250


Nick Cooper - Anger Management

Rock Bouncer Nick Cooper – Anger Management

Engine: Mast Motorsports LS3 6.2L TURBO
Horsepower: 550 horsepower
Suspension: Radflo
Tires: TrailWorthyFab Wheels
Transfercase: HERO
Axles: All ouverson axle shafts and steering knuckles 14 bolt center sections front and rear.