Svanur Örn

Svanur Örn Tómasson – Insane

Facebook Insane Name:Insane Number:61 Class:Unlimited First appearance:2014 Hella Engine:LS7 Mast Motorsport HorsePower [HP]:650 Torque:800 Nitro:190 Turbo:– Transmission:Monsterglide Transfercase:Icelandic Special Frame:Steel Tubes Axles:Front; Special made with double u-joint with 35 spline Ford 9″ axels and Alumininum Center SectionsRear; 9″ Ford with 40 spline Suspensions:SwayAway 2,5″ 10″ long Tires:Super Scoopers Svanur Örn Tómasson Name: Svanur Örn Tómasson …

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