Documentary: Icelandic Formula Offroad for 50 years

Bragi Þórðarson with G7 Media premired his documentary in Bíó Paradís last Saturday. The full feature movie covers the first 50 years of Icelandic Formula Offroad with interviews with legends and entrepreneurs in the sport. Bíó Paradís had two halls packed to the roof with Icelandic Formula Offroad fans. The movie will soon be published on …

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Rodeo SOLD

A New Unlimited Driver

Everybody who has been around Formula Off-Road have heard of the great Pål Blesvik who drives the mean machine “Rodeo”. Well unfortunately the brilliant driver had to sell his magnificent vehicle but lucky for us Icelanders it will come to the roots of the sport! A man called Elías Guðmundsson has bought “Rodeo”. The first …

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USA Results Snorri Þór Árnason – The ChoirBoyGuðmundur Ingi Arnarsson – The LionGuðlaugur Sindri Helgason – Yellow MagicGestur J. Ingólfsson – The DreamÓlafur Bragi Jónsson – The FoxMagnús Sigurðsson – CubeGeir Evert Grímsson – The SledgehammerGuðbjörn Grímsson – Katla TurboIngólfur Guðvarðarson – Guttinn RebornAtli Jamil – ThunderboltÞór Þormar Pálsson – MjölnirSkafti Svavar Skúlason – Crash HardAron …

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A man with a dream

The Beginning

It probably hasn’t gone past you if you are an Off-Road enthusiast that Icelandic Formula Off-Road is coming to the U.S. A little over a year ago a man with a big dream started contacting owners of Off-Road Parks all over America in hunt of the perfect area to host a Formula Off-Road competition. 17th …

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Shipping Saturday

This beautiful Saturday is something we may remember as the Shipping Saturday. All 16 amazing drivers who will be competing in the first Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA will gather today to put their belongings in the shipping containers and seal them up.  They won’t be able to see their toys until they arrive in …

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How did it all start?

The story of ”Formula Off Road” begins in Iceland May 2nd 1965 when the first Formula Off Road competition was hosted by Bifreiðaklúbbur Reykjavíkur a.k.a BKR (Reykjavik’s Car Club). After that race Egill Gunnar Ingólfsson claimed the title ”First winner of Formula Off road”. With that competition Þorkell Guðnason and fellow members of BKR made …

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Steinar í Vöku

Back in the day a man called Steinar í vöku was the main transporter for the racers living in or near the capital of Iceland. This picture was taken in 1992 where he was transporting 7 cars all across the country to Egilsstaðir (east of iceland) second time that summer. In the photo you can …

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