Bikini Bottoms

Elva Stefánsdóttir

Elva Stefánsdóttir

  #KatlaTurbo#VolcanoRacing Driver Name: Elva Stefánsdóttir Nickname: Born:1994 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Kopavogur Club:Torfæruklúbbur Suðurlands Team:Volcano Racing Car Name:Katla Turbo Number:66 Class:Unlimited First appearance:Akureyri 1986 Engine:SBF 428 NRE HorsePower [HP]:800 – 1640 Torque:1500lb/ft or 2000Nm Nitro:– Turbo:2 x 72mm Transmission:C6 Transfercase: Icelandic Special Frame:Steel Tubes Axles:9″ Ford Suspensions:ORI Struts Tires:Bigger digger [34,5″] Background The Driver Elva started as a race secretary …

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After months of planning the organizers of the Formula Off-Road event in USA have given us  the program for the 2017 event! The race will be between October 5th – 8th. This year we will race along side with the Rock Bouncers FINALS so we’ll have full on action all day every day. It’s safe …

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The American Dream

The majority of the contestants from Iceland went across the ocean to help us make history. We hosted the First Icelandic Formula Off-Road competition in the U.S along with the owners of Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park. What people may not know is what happens while the cars aren’t driving or during the night between race …

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USA Results Snorri Þór Árnason – The ChoirBoyGuðmundur Ingi Arnarsson – The LionGuðlaugur Sindri Helgason – Yellow MagicGestur J. Ingólfsson – The DreamÓlafur Bragi Jónsson – The FoxMagnús Sigurðsson – CubeGeir Evert Grímsson – The SledgehammerGuðbjörn Grímsson – Katla TurboIngólfur Guðvarðarson – Guttinn RebornAtli Jamil – ThunderboltÞór Þormar Pálsson – MjölnirSkafti Svavar Skúlason – Crash HardAron …

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Eventful weekend

The people behind FOIceland want to thank everybody who helped out with the competition last weekend. The volunteer rescue team (FBSH) who came all this way to run around in the dirt and be prepared if something went wrong. The owners of the park, Bob and Pam Williams deserve a huge thanks for their dedication …

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After travelling for 5 days half across the U.S we’ve finally arrived in the small city of Dyersburg, TN. We’ve greeted the owners of the park, Bob and Pam Williams and got everything confirmed for the weekend! Tomorrow morning will the containers arrive and be unloaded. We’ll set up the greatest competition zone ever seen …

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A man with a dream

The Beginning

It probably hasn’t gone past you if you are an Off-Road enthusiast that Icelandic Formula Off-Road is coming to the U.S. A little over a year ago a man with a big dream started contacting owners of Off-Road Parks all over America in hunt of the perfect area to host a Formula Off-Road competition. 17th …

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Way down they go!

The containers that hold our precious Formula Off-Road cars are now on their way down to Bikini Bottoms! Now we just hope the drivers of the trucks will put the pedal to the medal and make it down there in time! The event will start on Friday the 30th September and ends 2nd October with …

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