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2016 Icelandic Formula Offroad at Bikini Bottoms – Day 1

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2016 Icelandic Formula Offroad at Bikini Bottoms – Day 2

4×4 JEEP

Ragnar Róbertsson - 4x4 Jeep

Name: Ragnar Róbertsson
Hometown: Keflavík
Engine: 350 Chevy
HP: ??
Transmission: TH350



Name: Elías Guðmundsson



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The list of contestants will be updated throughout time

YELLOW MAGIC [Galdragulur]

The Driver;
Guðlaugur has had interest since he can remember. His first car was bought with his money he got from his confirmation ceremony.

The Car;
Guðlaugur buys Galdragulur [Magic Yellow] from Ragnar Skúlason and has he changed the car quite a bit. The car entered it’s first competition back in 1982and has been in over 100 races. Its an old car but always delivers. [READ MORE]


THE DREAM [Draumurinn]

Gestur began to to watch Formula Off Road as a little boy as this was his favorite sport. Later on he joined the service team for Helgi Schiöth after he built a car named Frissi Fríski. Now he drives a car that Helgi built for Einar Gunnlaugsson that belonged to Garðar Sigurðsson in 2012. [READ MORE]

Guðbjörn Grímsson – KATLA TURBO


Guðbjörn went to his first competition as a spectator back in 1983 in Grindavík. His first race was in 1986 on Akureyri and did he compete on his ’72 Ford Bronco for three years, yet racing wasn’t enough for him so he started to meddle with the organization of the events in 1986. When he stopped competing in 1988 he started an association called Jeppaklúbbur Reykjavíkur and did Guðbjörn sit as Chairman until 1990.  Not only does he have his fingers in the Icelandic competitions but has spread out to Norway as well. Today we drive according to the rules and regulations he among other have written. [READ MORE]

“I wish to put on a great show for the audience and of course let the park echo with the sweet sound of my twin turbos. Full throttle and no brake is the goal and to make it to every track during the weekend and beat the RECORD while SKIMMING over the water at Bikini Bottoms Off Road Park
~Guðbjörn Grímsson on Katla Turbo

Geir Evert Grímsson – THE SLEDGEHAMMER


The Driver;
Geir Evert was in the Choir Boy’s service team for two years then decided to built his own car.

The Car;
The Sledgehammer [Sleggjan] was originally built back in 1990 but then it was called The Chicken [Kjúklingurinn] and belonged to Reynir Kjúklingur as he was called. [READ MORE]

Bjarki Reynisson – THE ANIMAL


Three times Icelandic Champion, Bjarki has been an enthusiast from birth. Back in the day he wanted to try Formula Off Road so he rented a car to test one competition. Later on he bought the car and has been competing since. He has also has gained the title Hydroplaning Champion in 2015 for his run on the river on Hella. [READ MORE]

Guðmundur Arnarsson – THE LION


Guðmundur has been in several service teams over the years, started in 1997 with few breaks in between. Now in 2016 will be the first year he will be under the wheel and contest in Formula Off Road. Although he is a new competitor in Formula Offroad he has won the Icelandic Champion title three times in Go-Kart. Gummi landed in the 2nd place in the 2016 championship but in 2017 he managed to snatch up the gold and will be crowned ICELANDIC CHAMPION of 2017 [READ MORE]

Ingólfur Guðvarðarson – GUTTINN REBORN


Ingólfur has been around Formula Off-Road for many years and like many others started in the service team. He worked with his brother, Kjartan ”Galdri” Guðvarðarson, multi Icelandic Champion Haraldur Pétursson and many others. Ingó, as he is called, has helped many of his fellow contestants with the construction and improvements of cars that were competing in the old days and cars we see today. His career in Formula Off-Road began back in 2010. [READ MORE]


Magnús Sigurðsson – CUBE


Magnús started competing on a Suzuki Jimny in Street Legal Class back in 2010 and was that car only an experimental project for Kubbur [The Cube]. In 2012 he moved the complete drive-line to Kubbur and started competing in Unlimited Class. [READ MORE]

For the U.S competition Magnús and his team have put in a BIG BLOCK in their light-weight vehicle and are going to show the world that it DOES work. Kubbur is the only vehicle in F.O today that has both NOS and Turbo as a power-adder. The sound in it is like no other and the whole car is truly unique and one of a kind.

Haukur Einarsson – HEKLA


Haukur began his long career in Formula Off Road around 1991 when the legend Árni Kópsson was competing but when he quit racing his attention went towards the other legends like Gísli G. Jónsson and Haraldur Pétursson. It was Haukur’s life long dream to compete in Formula Off Road so in 2014 he bought his first car which belonged to Gísli Grétar Sigurðsson and was called Komastsu. Haukur competed on that car in 2014 but a year later he purchased another one that was built in 2013. [READ MORE]

“My goal for this competition is to put on a GREAT show for the American People. I’m going to entertain myself and my team” 
~Haukur Einarsson, driver of HEKLA

Svanur Örn Tómasson – INSANE


Svanur Örn Tómasson showed up last year with the pedal to the metal and no regret! In the hills of Bikini Bottoms Off-Road Park he was unfortunate to have the biggest crash in Formula Off-Road HISTORY. Luckily he was not harmed in any way. Although the rear suspension flew off with all mountings the team around them, with the help of others, managed to put it back together and began racing again the day after. No doubt he’ll show up fully committed and compete for the gold [READ MORE]

“The point of this trip is to have a blast like we did last time we went across the sea. We want to put on a show and entertain both audience and, of course, our team. We aim to present this Icelandic Sport which is completely INSANE. Despite our mishap last year we did good overall and this year will be no different. We’re going to put on a great show and of course try to take the U.S trophy home.” 
-Svanur Örn Tómasson, INSANE driver

Þór Þormar Pálsson – THOR


Þór Þormar Pálsson on THOR will be competing in the 2nd annual Formula Off-Road competition in USA!! Last time we saw Þór in the U.S he drove a car called Mjölnir and landed in 11th place, but this time he will come back on his new and improved THOR. The car he’ll be driving belonged to the previous champion Snorri Þór Árnason where it went under the name “ChoirBoy”. In the Icelandic Championship Þór was determined to snatch up the gold and keep the winning streak of the car but unfortunately it took longer than expected to get to know the car and it’s talent. But make no mistake. He is as fierce as he can be now. He had the whole season to practice and get familiar with the car and what it can do. He WILL take the U.S trophy back to Iceland  [READ MORE]