Nick Cooper

Nick Cooper - Anger Management


Nick Cooper

Team Name:

Cooper Racing

Car Number:

Anger Management

City, State:

Mtn View, MO

Your Company Name :

Leon Cooper Trucking 

Tell us about your current Racing Rig?  

Chassis: Jimmy Smith (assembled by Donald Hadden and Kevin Posey)
Engine: Mast Motorsports LS3 6.2L TURBO
Horsepower: 550 horsepower
Suspension: Radflo
Tires: TrailWorthyFab Wheels
Transfercase: HERO
Transmission: TH400
Axles: All ouverson axle shafts and steering knuckles 14 bolt center sections front and rear.




When did you first start racing? 

I raced the last race of the first season of the SRRS at Wheeling in the Country

What was your first rig? Where is it now?

97 jeep tj, it is most likely in a scrap yard somewhere by now 

How long have you been interested in Offroading, and what was your first ‘exposure’ to the Sport?

I have always loved offroading and the outdoors. My first exposure was getting to ride in Hillbilly Deluxe the first time it came off the trailer been hooked ever since.


Instagram:  @whitcoop11        
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