Its not like it was in the olden days

In 1990 Guðbergur drove the time track quite brilliantly but ...
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Amazing save! Hella 2008 (VIDEO)

Video producer Jakob Cecil has been teasing us with little ...
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Champions Throughout the Years!

The list of former champions since the beginning of Icelandic ...
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Icelandic Formula Offroad 1987 – 1989 (VIDEO)

Back in 1987 – 1989 the amazing sport we know ...
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Documentary: Icelandic Formula Offroad for 50 years

Bragi Þórðarson with G7 Media premired his documentary in Bíó Paradís ...
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A man with a dream

The Beginning

It probably hasn’t gone past you if you are an ...
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How did it all start?

The story of ”Formula Off Road” begins in Iceland May ...
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Steinar í Vöku

Back in the day a man called Steinar í vöku ...
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