Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson – Pjakkurinn

Facebook Pjakkurinn Name:Pjakkurinn Number:403 Class:Street Legal Class First appearance:Vestmannaeyjar 2013 Engine:383 Chevrolet HorsePower [HP]:400+ Torque: Nitro:– Turbo:– Transmission:350 Chevy Transfercase:Dana 20 Frame:Willys Axles:Dana44 Suspensions:ORI struts Tires:38″ Mudder Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson Name:Eðvald Orri Guðmundsson Nickname:Orri Born:1988 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Selfoss Club:TKS Team:Team Pjakkurinn Background Driver:Orri’s interest went full throttle when his friend bought his own F.O car. His …

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Steingrímur Bjarnason – The Smurf

Facebook Strumpurinn Name:The Smurf [Strumpurinn] Number:402 Class:Street Legal Class First appearance:1990 – 1991 Engine:350 Chevrolet HorsePower [HP]:350 Torque:Unknown Nitro:– Turbo:– Transmission:350 Transfercase:Dana 300 Frame:Willys Axles:Front; Dana 44 with Dana 60 axles and SpoolRear; Dana 44 with Nospin locking Suspensions:12″ FOX Tires:35″ Super Swamper Steingrímur Bjarnason Name:Steingrímur Bjarnason Nickname:Steini Born:1967 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Mosfellsbær Club:TKS Team:Strumpurinn Racing Team …

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Haukur Birgisson – Þeytingur

Þeytingur Name:Þeytingur Number:430 Class:Street Legal Class First appearance:Hella 2015 Engine:383 SBC HorsePower [HP]:Unknown Torque:Unknown Nitro:– Turbo: – Transmission:350 Transfercase:D20 Frame:Willys CJ5 Axles:Dana 44 Suspensions:Offroat Shocks Tires:35″ Mudder Haukur Birgisson Name:  Haukur Birgisson Nickname:– Born:1967 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Reykjavík Club:Stimpill Team:Þeytingur Racing Background The Driver; Haukur always had interest in objects that were driven by any kind of fuel …

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Guðbjörn Grímsson – Katla Turbo

Katla Turbo was originally born in Wayne, Michigan in the year 1972 when she proudly came out of production as a 6 cylinder, golden brown Ford Bronco with manual hub. She wasn’t in Guðbjörn’s possession until 1983 and did he rush into modifying her to an Off-Road car. The 6 cylinder engine was ripped out from her chest and instead came 351 Turbo along with brand new axles, in front Dana 44 with super axles and in the rear Dana 60 which later on turned into 9″ full floating axles.

Elías Guðmundsson – Rodeo

Facebook Rodeo (Ótemjan) Name: Rodeo [Ótemjan] Number:87 Class:Unlimited Engine:5,7 l. GM Corvette LS6, Comp Cam LSR277, Lucas 86 lb injectors, Eagle forged rods, Mahle forged pistons, Patriot Performance valvetrain kit, Harland Sharp roller rockers, Moroso oilpump, Borg Warner Airwerks s400sx3 turbo, Snow Performance Methanol/water injection, Aeromotive Eliminator fuelpump, Painless Wiring. HorsePower [HP]:800 Torque (nm):Unknown NOS:No …

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Ívar Guðmundsson – Kölski

Kölski Name: The Devil [Kölski] Number: 401 Class: Street Legal First appearance: 2012 Engine: 455 Buick HorsePower [HP]: 400+ Torque: – Nitro: – Turbo: – Transmission: TH350 Transfercase: Icelandic Special Frame: Steel Tubes Axles: Y60 Patrol Front axle with RCV axles Suspensions: 12″ FOX w/ Bumpstoppers Tires: 40″ Mudder Ívar Guðmundsson Name: Ívar Guðmundsson Born: 1986 …

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Magnús Sigurðsson – Cube

Facebook Cube Name:Kubbur [Cube] Number:14 Class:Unlimited First appearance:2006 Akureyri Engine:2,4 Honda HorsePower [HP]:190 Torque:– Nitro:100 hp Turbo: YES Transmission:TF 904 Transfercase:NP 231 Frame:Steel Tubes Axles:9″ Ford Suspensions:2,5″ Fox Nitrogen Tires:32/14,5/15 Super Scoopers Magnús Sigurðsson Name: Magnús Sigurðsson Nickname:Maggi Born:1973 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Kópavogur Club:Torfæruklúbbur Suðurlands Team:Team Cube Background The Driver: Magnús started competing on a Suzuki Jimny …

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Gestur J. Ingólfsson – Draumurinn

Facebook Instagram Draumurinn Name:Draumurinn [The Dream] Number:111 Class:Unlimited First appearance:Vestmannaeyjar 2012 Engine:BBC540 HorsePower [HP]:800 Torque:– Nitro:200 – 500 Turbo:– Transmission:Powerglide Transfercase:Icelandic Special Frame:Steel Tube Axles:Front; Dana 60Rear; 14 Bolt GM Suspensions:FOX Tires:Bigger DiggersSuper Scoopers Gestur Ingólfsson Name:  Gestur J. Ingólfsson Nickname:Gestur Born:19 Country:Iceland HomeTown:Akureyri Club:Bílaklúbbur Akureyrar Team:Draumurinn Formula Offroad Team Background The Driver; Gestur began …

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Árni Kópsson – Heimasætan

Facebook Instagram Heimasætan Name:Heimasætan ’90 Number:12 Class:Unlimited First appearance:1990 Engine:LS1 HorsePower [HP]:lots Torque:– Nitro:YES Turbo:– Transmission:Powerglide Transfercase:Icelandic Special Frame:Steel Tubes Axles:Icelandic Custom Made Suspensions:– Tires:Big enough Árni Kópsson Name:Árni Kópsson Nickname:Árni Kóps Born:— Country:Iceland HomeTown:Kópavogur Club:Torfæruklúbbur Suðurlands Team:Team Coke Heimasætan -Árni Kóps Background Driver; Before Árni caught the Off-Road fever he serviced a car which …

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Bjarki Reynisson

Driver Name: Bjarki Reynisson Nickname: – Born: 1970 Country: Iceland HomeTown: Dalabyggð Club: BA [Bílaklúbbur Akureyrar] Team: Dýralæknar Car Name: Dýrið [The Animal] Number: 204 Class: Modified First appearance: 2008 Engine: 434 HorsePower [HP]: 850 Torque: Enough Nitro: 250 Turbo: – Transmission: 400 Transfercase: Icelandic Special Frame: Steel Tubes Axles: Front; 9/60 Rear; 14 Bolt …

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