Gestur J. Ingólfsson has surely been busy since we saw him and Team Draumurinn. In 2017 he had his 800+ hp BBC 540 engine with about 300-500 hp in nitrous, HOWEVER…. in January 2018 he announced that he got a new partner in his team. Nitrous Express will be sponsoring a brand new 2 stage nitrous system to Draumurinn which provides Gestur with EXTRA 800HP TO PLAY WITH! Imagine the power!!

The primary goal of Team Draumurinn is simple. We compete at the highest level everyday. We want the fans to be in awe as we challenge the laws of physics and the boundaries of common sense. We aim to finish every race as fan favorites on and off the track. Fierce competitors during the race, we share positive relationships with other teams at all times.  ~TeamDraumurinn.is

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