Katla Turbo and owner, Gudbjorn Grimsson has announced their arrival in Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park for the main event: Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA!!! Katla Turbo was built in 2011 – 2012 in the form we see her today however the owner declares that it is the same offroad truck that he competed on back in 1986-88 with some minor upgrades. Katla Turbo is a ’72 Ford Bronco with a SBF 428 Nelson Racing Engine and provides 1640hp which makes it the most powerful Formula Offroad truck that we know of. Last year Katla and Gudbjorn were the first ones in the first track but the power as so massive that Gudbjorn was taken by surprise and did a 360 flip in mid air!!!

Now in 2018 the team is ready to show the world what Katla Turbo is capable of and will do everything in their power to aim for the top (and not flip back down the hill :P)

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