Atli Jamil the owner and driver of Thunderbolt is one of the 10 drivers that have confirmed his arrival to Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park the 4th – 8th October in the the early registration. He is 28 years old but has been around motorsport all his childhood. His father Ásgeir Jamil Allanson, better known as Jamil, competed in Icelandic Formula Offroad back in the day on the car known as the Nesquick-shuttle (Nesquick-Skutlan). Atli grew up as a part of his father’s service team and got fascinated by the sport and grew up filling Ásgeir’s shoes. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when he bought his own mean machine we call today “THUNDERBOLT”Thunderbolt was originally built in Norway in 2008-2009 by a man called Roar Johansen, who is also the previous owner. The car has gone through some changes since it’s built but the development is only for the better. 

Atli Jamil has competed in the Icelandic Championship, The Icelandic Formula Offroad in USA, and the NEZ Championship with great success. But now we will see him compete in the 3rd ANNUAL ICELANDIC FORMULA OFFROAD EVENT IN USA October 4th – 8th. 

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